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Efficient Workers’ Compensation Subrogation

Workers’ compensation subrogation is a vastly complex area of law. Although workers’ compensation benefits are payable regardless of fault, when an injury is due to the negligence of a party other than the employer, (third party) the employer or the workers’ compensation insurance carrier may obtain reimbursement from such third parties or a credit against liability for workers’ compensation benefits if the injured worker receives a third-party settlement or judgment. It is essential to the outcome of a case that investigative work begins quickly and that subrogation counsel determine how active a role should be taken to identify, preserve and maximize the potential rights of reimbursement and credit. The experienced attorneys at Sassano & Fleischer work with employers, insurance carriers, third-party administrators and self-insured groups as they navigate these highly specialized issues.

Drawing on more than 100 years of combined experience and additional time spent as claims adjusters, our Bay Area lawyers are well-equipped to carefully and efficiently unfold the intricacies involved in workers’ compensation subrogation. We are determined to help employers and insurance carriers recoup the costs to which they are entitled.

Personalized Attention To Detail

We are dedicated to giving our clients the individualized attention they deserve. As a smaller California firm, we are able to serve the unique needs of each of our clients while tailoring our services and producing solutions that will ultimately lead to the best outcome possible.

Workers’ compensation subrogation requires that an attorney understands the importance of a detailed investigation, including interviewing witnesses and managing evidence. By possessing a keen attention to detail, our lawyers are able to pursue a favorable outcome for our clients whether at trial or via settlement.

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