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Thorough Uninsured Employers Legal Representation

If a workers’ compensation claim is brought against an uninsured employer, the defense counsel that is chosen must work quickly and efficiently in an effort to protect this business.

The Bay Area attorneys at Sassano & Fleischer will investigate the claim of the employee while determining if the employer is in fact uninsured. In some cases, we are able to discover insurance, while in others, we can help the employer establish new insurance. If an uninsured business does not actively defend the case nor voluntarily offer benefits, the case goes to the California court system. State lawyers will aggressively pursue the case both civilly and criminally.

Professional Representation And Business Counsel

The costs associated with these complex legal issues can single handedly destroy a business. Many of the clients our firm represents are small business and sole proprietors in contracting professions. We position ourselves not only as professional representation, but we are also constantly serving as counsel in an effort to help your business function at its highest capacity.

Our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience helping a variety of businesses as they face the complexities associated with workers’ compensation defense. As former claims adjusters, our lawyers have an added layer of knowledge with which to help our clients. We understand the importance of swift, thorough legal service and we are determined to help our clients with each of their unique concerns in an effort to obtain the best outcome possible.

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